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Don’t Snuggle Your heater This Winter – Get Gas!

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Don’t cuddle your heater this winter – get gas!

During the chilly and cold winter months, all you would like to do is bundle yourself up in a very comfortable, warm blanket and not get out of your bed. Even if someone made plans for going out, you do whatever you can to get out of it.

During these toe freezing times, all that you can think of doing is sitting beside something warm or having a hot shower. Dreaming of getting local gasfitters to install a new continuous hot water system.


However, one thing which you are probably not thinking of is the cost of rising electricity bills. This is because the running of the electric heaters in your home does not come cheap. Also, if you are going to be using it all throughout the winter season, then your electricity bills will skyrocket.


Also, life without heaters also seems to be pretty bleak. However, it does not have to be like that. Aside from getting Gardiner Plumbing & the gas shop to install any new appliances in your home there are tons of heating options which you will be able to find out there. To make the task much easier for you, we have compiled a short list of alternative heating options for your home. We also included some pros and cons so that you will be able to make the best decision for your home.


Wood burners

Modern wood burners can be a cheaper alternative if you consider spending $150 a trailer load cheap. Even though wood burners once were found to be somewhat expensive, they are not thought of like that thanks to a recent upgrade. Modern burners are a great way of using renewable fuel. Compared to the open fires, they also tend to burn much cleaner air. This is assuming that you are using dry firewood.


Therefore, if you are planning on getting a wood burner installed in your home, you would first need to get a building consent. Also, you would also have to be extremely careful so that you do not use driftwood, that has been chemically treated, or coal.


Wood-pellet burners

Another option is installing a wood-pellet burner. Just like the traditional wood burners, they also can use renewable fuel. The only difference is that these use little pellets which are made from the residue of wood. The main benefit of using these are that there are certain features which are within your control. Also, you will also be able to set a timer if you would like the heat generated for only a specified amount of time. However, without battery backup operation, these would not work if the power is disconnected in any way.


Heat pumps

If you would like to get your entire home heated with electricity, then heat pumps are considered to be the most efficient option regarding gasfitters. Compared to an electric heater, they have been known to put out almost five times of heat. This just goes on to show how efficient they are in generating heat. This also means that you would not have to incur significant electricity costs.


The options above are not the only options, but we know that you want a warm and snuggly family this winter. That is why at Gardiner Plumbing & the gas shop we can take care of all your instant hot water and gas heating solutions.


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