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Five Benefits Of Using Natural Gas In Your Home

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There are some that may argue that electricity is far superior to gas.

In fact, when some look at a gas stove as opposed to an electric one, they may make comments or even wonder why someone would use it.

Here’s the funny thing though, those people aren’t the ones laughing when the electricity goes out.

You know who is?  The owner of the gas stove, that’s who.

Homeowners who opt to go with natural gas instead of electric on some of their appliances and utilities, know something that many others don’t.

Well, we found out what and that’s what we bring to you today.

Here are Five Benefits Of Gas (in no particular order):

#1)  There Are Less Outages With Natural Gas

Think over the last few years when you have been at home, work, school or elsewhere when the power went out.

You more than likely have been in a situation when the power went out.  Everything just seemed to stop, right?

It happens more times than you’d think.

Sometimes, the power may go out for days at a time.

You know what really doesn’t?

Natural gas.

It’s naturally occurring.  It’s running in pipes under your home and while there may be some outages, it’s very rare.

If you need something more reliable to heat your home, then go with gas.

#2)  It Costs Less

It’s just a plain fact that gas is cheaper than electricity.

You can do research on your own to see this, but that’s the fact of the matter.

When it comes to the costs involved for things such as heating your home or water, the natural gas alternative will cost you less than electricity.

#3)  Gas Is More Efficient

Appliances that use gas, use less energy than electric powered ones.

In fact, not only do some of these appliances, such as dryers, use less energy but they work faster than their electric counterparts.

Hmmm…there may be something to this after all.

Save money, work faster and use less energy.

Have we got your attention yet on using gas as opposed to electricity?

Okay, here’s another reason it’s so efficient.  Only a small amount of the gas in the pipes is lost in transit to your home, most estimate about 1/10th, as opposed to 2/3rd that is lost in electricity.

This means that of the electricity that is produced, only a little over 30% ever reaches your home!

Bet that got your attention.

#4)  It’s More Reliable

Imagine it’s the middle of a cold night and a storm knocks out the electricity.

All of a sudden you feel the heater turn off in your home and you feel the cold start to creep in.

It’s going to be a long night, isn’t it?

If a storm like this hit and your home was heated through gas, then you probably wouldn’t even notice.

You would probably just sleep through the night in your nice comfortable GAS heated home.

#5)  Gas Is Friendly To The Environment

When you choose gas appliances, you are in turn decreasing the effect that you are having on the environment.

Gas is a much cleaner way to function.

If you have wanted to be environmentally friendly, then this reason alone should be enough for you to choose gas over electricity.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing natural gas.

We hope this article helped you to see the tremendous benefits natural gas can bring, not only to your home and pocketbook BUT also to the environment.