Before making the leap and calling New Plymouth gas fitting experts Gardiner Plumbing & The Gas Shop. We want to provide you with information on the many benefits of gas solutions for your home. Whether you are planning to build or if you want to upgrade your existing home.

Using natural gas provides a large range of benefits to both the efficiency of your home for both your appliances and heating. Having a home with natural gas provides luxurious comfort. Whether it is from the glowing warmth of a natural gas flame fire or having instant hot water when you turn on your shower.

Another benefit in powering up your home using natural gas means your electricity costs can be up to 70% lower. As well as provide a more efficient drier healthier home.

Do you remember staring into the flames of a wood fire as a child and becoming hypnotised by the warmth and comfort that it provided for you? Gas installations provide that same joy.
If you want instant heat, long hot showers or cooking with incredible accuracy with gas appliances.

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Why Gas Heating?

  • Switching from an electric cylinder to natural gas continuous flow hot water gives you big savings – around 30% for an average 4-person household.

  • The average 10-minute shower in a 4-person household will cost you much less (30%) when it’s powered by natural gas ($0.46) compared to electricity ($0.66)

  • The more you use the more you save. Once you’ve covered the daily charge, you pay on average .09c per unit for natural gas compared to around 0.25c per standard unit for electricity

  • The combination of natural gas continuous hot water and gas central heating could save a 5-person household up to 38% per year compared to an electric cylinder and heat pumps.

  • Natural gas appliances are incredibly efficient – you can expect efficiency ratings up to 95% and 6.8 stars – so they cost a lot less to run.



Contact our professional gas and plumbing specialists to have a more efficient, warm home today!


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Showering With Natural Gas

There are two options when it comes to natural gas heated hot water. Hot water cylinders or a continuous hot water system.

Gas cylinder Option

A tremendous benefit to having a gas cylinder is that if there is a power cut your gas water cylinder will still work.

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  • It’s best to locate the cylinder as close as possible to where the hot water outlets are to minimise heat loss.

  • An outside unit may lose more heat than an inside unit located in a well-insulated area.

  • The most efficient hot water storage cylinders are short and broad, rather than tall and slim, as this reduces the surface area minimising heat loss. Look for one around 450mm to 560mm in diameter.

  • Cylinders installed inside will need to be vented with a flue. They cannot be installed in a bedroom, bathroom or toilet, and must be sealed off from those rooms. Adequate ventilation must be provided. Installing the cylinder in a cupboard will help retain heat.

  • Make sure the cylinder is accessible if it needs to be serviced.


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Continuous Hot Water System Option

Imagine having a steady supply of hot water for everyone when needed and being able to save money!

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  •  Outstanding performance and control for your continuous flow of hot water

  •  Incredible efficiency by heating only what you need and only paying for what you heat

  •  Besides being incredibly affordable it is the most practical choice

"Continuous flow systems require mains pressure. The unit should be located centrally with water outlets within 20 metres if possible. Here are some other things to think about when deciding which unit to buy.
How many bathrooms do you have? And how much demand is there likely to be for hot water at the same time.
Where will the unit be located? External units don’t require a flue. Internal models can be flued horizontally or vertically.
What kind of ignition system would you like? Options include electronic ignitions, or if you want to be able to enjoy a hot shower in a power cut, hydro-flow and back-up uninterruptible power supply systems are also available." (source:

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Cooking With Gas

We all know that professional chefs like to use natural gas when they cook. The reason is natural gas offers even heat, excellent temperature control for cooking or baking. You may not be a chef however, the great news is you can certainly still cook using the same inspiring flames!


Modern gas appliances are efficient & reliable. Natural gas cooking equipment comes in different forms, traditional freestanding with a stove top and oven or built-in ranges. This is its great news if you are building a house or installing a new kitchen. Your design can dictate the appliance choice and not the other way around.

  • Cooking with natural gas ranges offers instant on/off control.

  • Natural gas cooking costs approximately half as much is using an electric range unit.

  • Many new models of ranges use an electronic spark ignition rather than a continuous burning pilot light. This alone can save you up to as much as 30% on energy costs.

  • Natural gas ovens cook food faster at temperatures approximately 25 to 50° lower than a conventional oven.


Gas & Plumbing New Plymouth

We can take care of all gasfitting jobs with our registered gas installers. Our qualified gas fitter team can talk to you about gas supply to your house and gas regulations should the need arise. We pride ourselves on having a friendly team of helpful registered master gasfitters.

The choice should be clear, natural gas is best!

Contact our professional gas installation specialists to have a more efficient, warm home today!

Service List A

  • Leak detection and repair
  • Install & repair all gas pipework
  • Repair & relocate gas hot water systems
  • Install gas services
  • Install & relocate gas appliances
  • Install, repair & relocate internal or external gas bayonets

Service List B

  • Convert your BBQ from LPG to natural gas
  • Pressure upgrades
  • Tap and valve servicing
  • Hot water recirculating systems
  • Filtration
  • Replacement hot water cylinders